Dorjnamjin Nyamsuren (CEO, Co-founder)

Greetings from Our Team

I am so pleased to invite you to my country, Mongolia.

Mongolian Empire was the largest empire ever in human history. Now Mongolia is the secret untouched beauty of the world, and the emerging power in Asia having a unique combination of nomadic tradition and modernization. Not only does its history but also its natural beauty make your trip more than you expected.

Traveling in Mongolia is greatly rewarding for the adventurous and open minded traveler. Real adventure seeking tourism is in Mongolia with eagle hunters in the snow-capped Altai Mountains, Reindeer People of the northern taiga, diverse of ethnic groups, and horse trekking.

Overlanding in 4WD vehicles and traveling with jet are also some of the ways to experience adventure travel in the land of the great Genghis Khan. Mongolia is also a spectacular destination for wildlife watching, botanical tours, and bird watching, and a spectrum of richly hued landscapes for photography.

Our company organizes the best trips in Mongolia. Even price of our trips are flexible and negotiable for travel lovers. You can also tailor your own trips discussing with us. We specialize in creating the best trips for you.

Travelers’ satisfaction is our and our partner’s priority. We enjoy strong and sound relationship with major organizations such as hotels, tourist camps and other service providers.

Just start your travel to legendary Mongolia and let us know you want to travel around Mongolia. Then we will organize the best trip that perfectly suits you, your friends or your family. Travel with us and take delight in traveling around Mongolia. Traveling with Mongolian Top Trips co.,Ltd will give you the delights of nomadic way of life and spectacular nature in Mongolia.

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