Lunar New Year Special Trip



The best way to experience completely different way of life and traditions is to visit in Mongolia during Lunar New Year Celebration. Great hospitality with the beauty of nomads and gifts will be for you during lunar new year. Everyone wears best-looking traditional customs. Even from greetings to others are some of the things you will learn. Everyone is happy smiling and kissing each other’s cheek. This is definitely something you should see.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Chinggis Khaan International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Airfare Accommodations
Car Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity



Day 1

City Tour-Gandantegchilen Monastery-Central Square of Ulaanbaatar city-National History Musuem

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Our guide and driver will be waiting for you at the airport or train station. You will directly go to the hotel where you will stay for the night. After refreshing in the hotel, we will head to Gandantegchilen Monastery. then we will head to the central square of Ulaanbaatar city. If time permits, we will get to the national history museum which can give you full logistic information about the rich history of Mongolia, the most interesting country in this world. Then we have a welcome dinner at a fine restaurant in Ulaanbaatar. We drive back to the hotel to have a good rest for the next adventures and great memories.


Day 2

Flight to Uliastai-Family Visit for Tsagaan sar (Lunar New Year)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Today we catch the earliest flight to Uliastai city of Zavkhan aimag, one of the 21 provincial capitals of Mongolia. Our driver will be waiting for us at the provincial airport. After meeting with our friendly, helpful and professional driver, we head to our hotel to put our staff. Then we have a lunch. This day is a preparation day for Tsagaan Sar, Lunar New Year. So, we will visit in one family and see how they prepare for the tsagaan sar making thousands of dumplings, and making new Mongolian traditional Dels.


Day 3

First Day of Tsagaan Sar, Lunar New Year                                                                     

Today is the most special day for Mongolians because everyone gets up much earlier than sun shines and make sure everything is ready for the lunar new year. Everyone put their new or best-suiting clothes on and everyone is wishing the best things to each other. Relatives are visiting each other’s home and taking some gifts. This will be absolutely the perfect way not only to experience Mongolian Lunar New Year, but also Mongolian great culture and tradition. You will be the part of this unique Holiday of Mongolia. We will have a traditional Mongolia dinner tonight with an extremely kind family.


Day 4

Winter Horse Riding and Stay with nomadic family                                                                   

Mongolians are last surviving nomads in the world. This is the best time to experience how nomadic peope live and meet with them. The most hospitable people in the world might be those nomads. Then we will visit to a nomadic family and winter horse riding experience for a while. Then we will have a welcome dinner with a very hospitable family.


Day 5

Fly back to Ulaanbaatar                                                                                                                         

Upon arrival, our driver will be waiting for us. Then drive to Chingis khan’s big statue complex, the biggest equestrian statue in the world with a unique architectural designs.


Day 6


This is the hard time to say goodbye.



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